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Thursday, March 24, 2011


After years of involvement, veteran rider Rosnizam Mohd Noor decided to hang up his racing boots and not return to the grid as a rider in the upcoming 2011 PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship set to kick off next month.

Instead, Rosnizam or better known as Obert in the Cub Prix fraternity will be switching roles from rider to team manager this season- joining the likes of Yong Yin Hoe (Maju Motor Racing Team), Soong Chee Kieong (Harian Metro TEQ SCK Honda Racing) and Pang Yok You (Motul Yamaha YY Pang Racing Team), all former riders turn team managers.

The 34 years old believes his retirement is long overdue after 15 years of racing and moving on to management is the next big step for him since he has no intention of leaving the motorsport scene entirely.

Furthermore, he emphasized the timing could'nt be more perfect as the younger generation are taking over the Championship by storm- outshining veteran riders such as himself.

Though excited, Obert admits to feeling sad leaving behind his career as a rider. He commented, "I am excited to finally establish this team as it has been my vision for a while now. But at the same time I can't help but feel heavy hearted thinking I won't be wearing my leathers no longer," expressed Obert.

He went on to add, "However, I believe it is for the best. As the season past more we can see more young riders join the Championship. Some very talented and have a bright future ahead of them while us veterans have to think about the next step. This is why I shifted to management."

The team, RS Motobert Racing will feature Mohd Rafie Nasir and another rider who is yet to be confirmed. Rafie, already a familiar face at the paddock is set to compete with the elites in the CP130 while the other battle it out in the Wira category.

"A team manager's duty is not easy and I understand that now. When I was a rider, my job was to focus on improving my performance, give input on how effective the bike setup is and understand the track layout. Now as team manager, my responsibility includes planning and implementing everthing to do with the team. As complicated as it may sound, I'm looking forward to it," commented Obert on his role as team manager.

As for his hopes for the team, Obert anticipates a tough year ahead not only because the team is new but also because their rivals are very strong and heavily armed with experience.

"A very challenging year lies ahead of us that's for sure. We are a new team and there's a lot for us to learn especially when it comes to setting up the bikes. Though at a disadvantage, I'm certain everything will turn out just fine because no rider or team can turn into Champions in just a season. What matters is that we keep the optimism high throughout the season. No doubt it will be very hard but as long as we are determined and hard working, we can surely fight the bigger teams," concluded Obert made an impression winning the Novice title back in 1997- his second year in the Cub Prix series before moving up to the Expert class the following year. 

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